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        1st, It has the reliable security, because the entire ship gasification floats the tube to separate into a number of air amber, the separation establishment has the very high gas tightness, damages when the individual air chamber, other air chambers still could maintain the enough buoyancy, guaranteed the entire ship the security.
        2nd,It has the very good resistance to sinking, because uses the gasification to float the tube, has been in the biggest load when the entire ship, even if the entire ship filled with water will to the water surface, meanwhile had the good hit cushioning effect, therefore it surpassed other lignin glass fiber reinforced plastic yachts.
        3rd,It has very high stability, because of the introduction of floating charge on both sides, The boats body crosswise at an angle enters the water the possibility to be very small, even if in bigger storm time cannot crosswise cover turns.
        4th, the boats uses the South Korean 1,000 Denny polyester fiber fabric, its two-sided has the PVC special material coating, completely achieves the seal, has anti- wears the anti- aging, anti- is salt alkaloid and the sunlight illumination
        5th, The boats uses South Korea special-purpose to import PVC to gather the ammonia fat rubber joint, uses the advanced inside and outside cementation craft, heat-resisting, cold resistant, lasting is durable.
        6th,Inflatable boats of the design gasification V keel, conveniently enhances the speed, in the fast operation, V keel has provided the extremely good directional control and the flexibility for the inflatable boat.